Martial Arts Excellence in Rasulov Sherzodjon

When it comes to the impressive and fascinating world of Universal Martial Arts, Sherzodjon Rasulov is making a name for

Krystin Parrot Krystin Parrot April 5, 2024

A Coaching Philosophy That Focuses on Well-Being First

Is Coach Timur Abdullin’s Approach Radical, or the Future? Timur Abdullin’s 24-year coaching career began at a children’s sports school

Jax Build Jax Build February 9, 2024

True Tennis Dedication – How Maxim Filippov is Training the Champions of Tomorrow

Maxim “Max” Filippov is no stranger to tennis championships. Throughout his 20-plus-year career, Max has played and coached the best.

Jax Build Jax Build February 8, 2024
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