Alpinist, Giga Jankhoteli, Balances Life, Academia, and Climbing

Among the towering peaks of Georgia – a country known for rugged mountains and beautiful landscapes – Giga Jankhoteli is

Jax Build Jax Build May 30, 2024

Martial Arts Excellence in Rasulov Sherzodjon

When it comes to the impressive and fascinating world of Universal Martial Arts, Sherzodjon Rasulov is making a name for

Krystin Parrot Krystin Parrot April 5, 2024

A Coaching Philosophy That Focuses on Well-Being First

Is Coach Timur Abdullin’s Approach Radical, or the Future? Timur Abdullin’s 24-year coaching career began at a children’s sports school

Jax Build Jax Build February 9, 2024
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